Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Introducing The Dior Addict All New Lip Glow Colour Reviver Balms | The Pretty Squad In Town

Streamers and balloons with gleaming little lights arrived with an ultra sweet note at our doorstep previously and those shades of pink and red set our heart racing a little already. Who doesn't love a little surprise now and then, right? This time, it was from team #DiorMY (they are always such a sweet heart), thanks a million for such a pleasant parcel. Today is Valentine's Day, so what better way to celebrate than to put on some wash of pink on the lips and make them oh-so-kissable on this special occasion. Let's check these new shades out, lovelies and your Valentine's Day (or any other day in the year, for that matter) will never be the same again *_^

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Astalift Hi Tea With Nana Mahazan | A Refreshingly Uplifting Afternoon

Photogenic Beauty, that is the core belief of this Japanese skincare and beauty brand, an extension from its original photo-film-centric business brand, FUJIFILM. Yes, we are talking about a beauty brand called ASTALIFT (here for more). This innovative beauty brand aims to achieve 'Photogenic Beauty' that is projecting beauty from an inner shine that gives the woman a strong presence, glowing from within. 

We had the pleasure of attending a private media hi tea session with local celebrity, Ms. Nana Mahazan at the exquisite Enchan-Thé Japon, Salon De Thé, Isetan Japan Store, Lot 10 previously. It was an eye opener sharing session, finally getting to understand a little more the technology behind the beauty brand and how various technological assets such as those on collagen and nanoparticle formulation fostered through the photographic business of Fujifilm were adapted to cosmetics and other new business fields via Astalift.

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Monday, January 22, 2018

[Inspiration | Musing] I Truly Miss You

You whisked away without a trace, in silence, the air was thick, the silence was deafening, that very moment when I discovered you had gone. I thought I lost you forever, but I guess you went away quietly, yearning for a hiatus, a break, one which you had to go through. I left it as it is, I am after all, fairly accommodating. Secretly, the rain came and cried for your leaving, incessantly, as if mourning along, with me, even though I do miss you, but I rather not be too emotional about it. How sweet and thoughtful rain was. Rain is just being sentimental, just like me. 

I long for your return, I would love for you to come back to my embrace and let all your words and passion for visuals just flow, naturally. You don't need to feel restricted at all, for I see through you ... I do see you and all your hopes and dreams, for this life, perhaps even some broken pieces and tears that tag along with them, like some pesky cat who loves to cling tight onto you, which you do find annoying some times. Yes, this is you, the way I see you. Cat is never your thing anyway. 

I hope when you return, you bring with you the sun, a sunshine of renewed inspiration, passion, love and hopes, a pocket full of sunlight that not overly bright, but warm and tenderly inviting, almost like your touch and your gentle smile, whenever you have funny thoughts swirling in that crazy mind of yours. Yes, that is how I see you, you silly one! 

Come home to me again, my dearest. Life is unpredictable, we don't have a lifetime. 

Visuals via LUMI Pinterest here. A Face With Flowy Hair | Catching Her Hair In The Sun | Flowers & Sunlight At Home

Have a luminously happy new week, lovelies *_^

With love, 

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Review | Sisley Paris Izia, The Collision of Fresh Vibrancy With A Breeze Of Elegance

The culmination of freshness of fruity floral, seduction of a very rare kind of rose and the sweet warmth of woodiness of precious ingredients from the garden and nature bring forth this extremely unique scent, imbued with endless imagination and a sense of adventure, grounded with sensuality of a woman who looks at the world with a fresh new eyes and mind, every time. Sisley Paris's new scent,  IZIA  (here fore more) came to us like a breath of fresh air, as surprising as the gorgeous pink and gold accent packaging, and its exquisite glass bottle specially designed by Polish sculptor, Bronislaw Krzysztof is more than enough to entice you to take another look at Izia or just pick up the bottle and to sample its amazingly unique scent. We are pleasantly surprised, truly. 

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